Stack or Bowl: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This is such a fun game that combines strategy and skill. Don’t choose wrong on if you want to stack or bowl because it might just cost you the game.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Cardboard Boxes.You will need 12 boxes in total
2. Exercise Balls.You will need 6 total exercise balls
3. Duct Tape. One roll will more than suffice


Split the room into two halves.
In the front of the room tape a rectangle that is as wide as a cardboard box and as long as three boxes right next to each other. Do this on each side of the room.
In the back of the room have 6 boxes and 3 exercise for each side.

Game Play:

The object of the game is to successfully stack a pyramid of boxes, 3 boxes in the base before the other team.
Each team has two contestants. The contestants must run, one at a time, to the back of the room and collect, either one box or one exercise ball of their choosing. They then must run that item to the front of the room.
If a box is collected they must place it inside the taped rectangle.
If an exercise ball is collected they must throw the ball from behind their taped box lines in attempts to knock over the other teams boxes.
The first team to successfully build a pyramid using all 6 of their boxes is the winner.

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