Stiff Arm: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A hilarious game that may not come out with a definite winner but will be sure to engage the crowd

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. PVC Pipe. You will want a 4inch tube cut about 18inches in length.
2. Rain Poncho. This will get messy so you will want to keep things as clean as possible and ponchos always help!
3. Safety Goggles. Again just to protect the contestant, not to mention it looks hilarious!
4. Four Mystery Drinks. Make sure these are in plastic cups.You can use water, watered down ketchup, tomato paste, chocolate sauce, you get the idea. Anything that would be hilarious to see contestants fling toward their face.
5. Kiddy Pools. Having each contest stand in a kiddy pool makes clean up much faster and easier.




Set up your kiddy pools opposite of each other with a table in the middle of the pools.
On the table place 4 mystery drinks per contestant



Game Play:

Dress each contestant (2 total) in their poncho and safety glasses and place them into the kiddy pool.
Place the PVC pipe on their arm and explain to them the rules.
They must drink each cup but can only transfer whats in their cup to their mouth with the arm that has the PVC on it.
This makes for some great entertainment. Take a look at the video as it’s pretty hilarious.


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