Stocking Face Tug A War: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Four players compete head to head to head to head – literally. Four stockings are tied together with the opening for the leg going over each players head. Players pull in opposite directions until only one player is left with the stocking still over his face as the winner.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. A Bunch of Stockings. You’ll need 4 per round, maybe every other round if you want to reuse them, but they stretch out pretty good after their first use. We played about 5 rounds of this game meaning we went through 20 stockings.

2. Wide Open Space. Since the stockings stretch, you’ll need a large enough space to accommodate that. Nothing crazy, but just keep it in mind – the last thing you need is a student crashing into your acoustic guitar or Macbook Pro after the stocking gets ripped off his head.


The only prep is you’ll need to tie the stockings together. Tie the very end of each stocking together leaving as little extra room as possible. We played with 4 contestants at once, but nothing is stopping you from adding more.

Game Play:

The game is pretty simple – be the last one with the stocking still left on your head. There is no time limit but there are some important rules. After the second round, we figured out that it’s unfair/dangerous to spin around in a circle and let the stocking wrap around your neck – I really thought this one kid was going to pass out. He did end up winning since it was impossible to get his stocking off, but we did have to create a new rule in his honor. The only other obvious rule is “no hands”.

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