Storage Tub Racing: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Teams of 2 race in a figure-8 pattern going in opposite directions using plastic storage tubs with scooters attached to the bottom. One teammate sits in the tub, while the second teammate pushes. The first team to cross the finish line alive wins!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Somewhere to race. I actually love racing around our normal chair set up so the crowd is in the inside of the racing track. But this game should work anywhere. If you have enough space to play duck, duck, goose, you should have enough space to push rubbermaid tubs around – in fact, the smaller the space the more fun it will probably be.

2. Plastic Tubs. We used the 35 gallon storage totes from Walmart. You can find a 4-pack here…

3. Scooters. We have these ones from FlagHouse… But any standard phys ed scooter should work.


You’ll need to attach the scooters to the bottom of the tubs. This isn’t super hard, but it will take some work. We drilled holes in both the tubs and the scooters and then bolted them together. And here’s a helpful hint: We doubled up on the tubs so they would last longer. We’ve made these in the past and they ended up cracking a little around the outside due to the weight of the racers inside, so this time we doubled up the tubs and have had no issues.

Special Bonus: Now you have storage tubs with wheels! We actually love these for storage puporses! We keep our Nerf Gun arsenal in them and wheel them out for battles every once in a while.

Game Play:

We played this with 4 teams racing at a time on a figure-8 course. 2 teams headed in one direction and 2 teams headed in the opposite direction (this guaranteed us some exciting collisions in the heat of battle). We have a decent amount of space, so we only made them do 2 laps per race, but if you have a small space (which could be really fun), you might want to make it 4 or more laps. There weren’t any rules except don’t try to hurt anyone on purpose. The players inside of the tubs were allowed to push/pull the other tubs and looking back at it, we might give them pool noodles next time to do battle.

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