Suck It Up: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This game is from Minute to Win It. Four players compete against each other to transport as many pieces of candy as they can in 60 seconds from one bowl to another bowl across the room using only a straw and their lung power.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Tables, Bowls, and Straws. Pretty self explanatory, but we did buy extra long straws to make the game a little more unique. The downside of longer straws is it makes an already tough game, a little bit more difficult.

2. Candy. We used a variety of different candies: m&ms, gummy worms, whoppers, peeps, and more stuff I can’t remember. We decided to use a variety of candy types to give students an added component to think about since the game is so simple.


Fill 4 separate bowls with even amounts of candy on the same table. Across the room set up 4 empty bowls on the same table. Since the candy won’t be eaten or touched by the contestants, you can reuse the same candy for every round, but we do recommend changing straws every round to avoid cooties – so have a bunch on hand.

Game Play:

Start the contestants at the empty bowls across the room, this way they know exactly which bowl is there’s and where they need to drop the candy (we had some confusion the first time we played). Put 60 seconds on the clock and have students race back and forth trying to suck candy with a straw and then deposit it in their bowl across the room. Whoever has the most pieces of candy in their bowl at the end wins!

Connect With Us:

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