If you’re using Grow Curriculum, you might find this post handy for our series More Than a Hashtag, a 4-week series on biblical justice. If you’re not using Grow, that’s okay! Feel free to use these ideas anyway.

Hey there! You probably found your way here through Grow Curriculum and Strategy. In our teaching series for students called More Than a Hashtagwe suggested building a Do Something Board — a place where you can display ideas and resources that your students can use in order to “do something” that works toward justice in the name of Jesus. We recommend compiling a bunch of justice-related projects, creating envelopes packed with instructions and resources for each project, and then displaying them on a large board in your ministry space.

How you decide to build your board is up to you, but here are a few ideas to get you started. For more details on each of the projects pictured in this post, click the images — they’ll take you to the original sources so you can get a better look or find more detailed instructions . . .


INSTRUCTIONS: Once your envelopes are assembled, display them using string that you’ve tacked to your wall and decorative clothespins.


INSTRUCTIONS: Set up a large sheet of pegboard (maybe frame it if you want to be fancy) and grab a bunch of clothespins. Attach the clothespins to the pegboard with thin wire and decorate them with washi tape, if you’d like.


INSTRUCTIONS: Pick up a strip of wire fencing from a hardware store, spray paint it if you’d like, and then hang metal baskets from the fencing to store your envelopes and resources. If you can’t find any baskets with hanging attachments, attach the baskets to the fencing with wire.


INSTRUCTIONS: Attach wooden crates (cut in half, if needed) to a sheet of pegboard with nails. Then display your envelopes or other resources in the baskets.


INSTRUCTIONS: If you’re worried about setting up and tearing down your display each week, try building a collapsible pegboard display for easy set-up and tear-down.

And there you have it! Happy Do-Something-ing! We’d love to see what you come up with, so feel free to share your ideas and images here in the comments, in the Made By You section of Grow Curriculum, or in our Facebook group!