Thro’ Christmas Tree: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Decorate the Christmas tree like never before!
Why not pull out the good Ole’ Christmas tree for a little fun! Everyone loves the Christmas spirit but why not practice Christmas joy by throwing ornaments at the tree.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Christmas Tree.  You will want one with a solid base as there will be some high impact ornaments flying around.
2. Ornaments.  Make sure you have two different colors as this will be important for scoring.


Place one color ornament in one container on one side of the room and place the other color ornament in another container on the other side of the room.
Place the Christmas tree between the two containers of ornaments
Tape a line on the floor equal distance from the tree for each team to serve as a throwing line. Teams must not cross this line when throwing or that ornament will not count.

Game Play:

Choose 2 teams of 2 contestants. (4 total people)
With a 60 second countdown on the clock students have an opportunity to decorate the tree like they never have before.
Grabbing one ornament at a time contestants can run up to the throwing line and throw an ornament at the tree.
At the end of the 60 seconds, the team with the most ornaments hanging, stuck, or in the tree becomes the winner!

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