Toilet Paper Hike: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

We played this game with 2 teams of 3 players each consisting of one hiker, one catcher & one retriever. They go head to head to see who can hike the most rolls of toilet paper through a hula hoop in 1 minute.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Hula-Hoop. You will need 2 hula-hoops for this game, one for each team.

2. Toliet Paper. We used about 3 rolls a team. You can make variations.


Place two tape lines about 15 feet apart. This will be used to keep consistent distances away from the hiker and catcher. Each hiker should have 3-4 rolls of toilet paper in front of them.

Game Play:

The game starts with 1 minute on the clock, and teammates standing about 15 feet from each other.The hiker must hike one roll of toilet paper at a time in between their legs to their teammate who attempts to allow the roll of toilet paper to pass through the hula hoop. The retriever’s job is to collect hiked toilet paper rolls and run them back to the hiker to be hiked again. The team who passes the most toilet paper rolls through their hula hoop in 1 minute wins!

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