Toilet Paper Take-Out: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:  

Here’s a fun game and a easy way to give away some awesome stuff! Just string up some toilet paper and attach prizes to the end of it! If you break the toilet paper and the prize falls to the ground you win that prize!

Supplies You’ll Need:

  1.  Toilet Paper. We used 10 rolls. 5 for each team.
  2. Metal Wire. You can try and use rope but make sure it is strong enough to hold up all the toilet paper
  3. Chips Clips. You buy anything at the supermarket or just use cloths pins. These will be used to attach the prizes to the end of the toilet paper
  4. Prizes. We used coupons for a free item at our cafe, temporary tattoos with our middle school logo on them, and stickers of our logo. You can use whatever you want or write on a piece of paper a bunch of different prizes that you have to give away and attach those to the toilet paper.
  5. Snow Balls / Nerf Guns. Not real snow balls of course… We use THESE for a bunch of inside games this winter and they rock! You also use Nerf guns or playpen balls. Whatever you think might work.



Stretch your metal wire across two poles or support beams you have. You will want to load up all the toilet paper on the wire before you tie both sides down. Once the toilet paper is on the wire and the wire is tied up spread the paper out with even spacing.

Unravel the toilet paper to different lengths to allow for some difficulty.

At the bottom of the rolls that you just unraveled attach your prize using a cloths pin or chip clip.

Place all your snowballs in a bucket in the back of the room

Place a tape line about 15 ft from the hanging toilet paper. This will be the throwing line that all contestants must stand behind while throwing.

Game Play:

Number of players: 4 (2 per team)

Select your 4 contestants and explain the rules.

Each team can only win prizes from their side. Meaning Team 1 can only win prizes from the left 5 toilet papers hung while Team 2 can only win prizes from the right 5.

On your go teams must attempt to knock off the prizes from their side. Any prize that is knocked off the toilet paper and hits the ground is theirs to keep. This is mostly done but throwing an object at the toilet paper and the toilet paper itself breaks or rips.

Each team can only have one person throwing at a time. They are only allowed to bring two balls to the throwing line at a time.

After 60 seconds has expired the teams can go collect any prizes they knocked off. Now it’s time to reset and play again!

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