Tub Jousting: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Find two students who want to joust! Line them up across from each other each with a ballon velcroed their helmet/hat, armed with a foam pool noodle, and sitting in a storage tub on wheels with a friend willing to push them. Then they both come at each other like dueling knights. Whoever can knock the balloon off the other jouster’s head first wins!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Foam Pool Noodles. You can find these at Walmart or even the dollar store cheap.

2. Plastic Tubs. We used the 35 gallon storage totes from Walmart. You can find a 4-pack here…

3. Scooters. We have these ones from FlagHouse… But any standard phys ed scooter should work.

4. Balloons. Don’t get really small ones or else it will be really hard to joust them off.

5. Helmets or Hats. Whatever you have laying around will do.

6. Adhesive Velcro. You can buy it at Walmart, don’t get “Industrial” strength for this game, we don’t want it to be too strong.


You’ll need to attach the scooters to the bottom of the tubs. This isn’t super hard, but it will take some work. We drilled holes in both the tubs and the scooters and then bolted them together. And here’s a helpful hint: We doubled up on the tubs so they would last longer. We’ve made these in the past and they ended up cracking a little around the outside due to the weight of the racers inside, so this time we doubled up the tubs and have had no issues.

You’ll also need to prepare the Hats/Helmets and Balloons. Just use velcro to attach them. It’s a tricky balance – you want them not to fall off too easily, but you want them to come off when hit with a pool noodle. So do some testing.

Special Bonus: Now you have storage tubs with wheels! We actually love these for storage purposes! We keep our Nerf Gun arsenal in them and wheel them out for battles every once in a while.

Game Play:

For this game you’ll need a nice long area so you can “joust” properly. Each jousting team needs two people – one for pushing and one for jousting. One student needs to be sitting in the tub wearing the head gear with the balloon attached and wielding the mighty pool noodle. The other student stands behind him/her ready to push.

On your count, the jousters race towards once another from opposite sides of the room. Both of them swinging for the balloons on the other person’s head. The first person who’s balloon falls off loses.

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