TUBE BLOW: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A great game from @rockjr.high that will be sure to get your students excited and on the edge of their seats. Get ready to get messy and have a ton of fun!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Clear Tubing. Go to your local hardware store and they should have clear flexible tubing in the plumbing section.
2. Any gross liquid. Think of something amazing to put in the tube. You can start with milk and move your way up to egg nog or watered down apple sauce. Get creative, get gross, get messy.
3. Trash Bag. This will just help to protect the contestant from getting all of the liquid in the tube on their clothes.



You may want to lay out a tarp on the playing field.

Cut your tube into about a three foot section

Place trash bags over your contestants with arm and head holes punched out already

Fill the tube with whatever liquid you see fit

Step back and watch the fun


Game Play:

On your “GO” contestants must blow into the tube as the liquid goes back and forth in the tube. Note: the contestants cannot block the tube with their tongue or lips. The only time your mouth can be on the tube is if you are blowing air into the tube. Eventually someone will run out of air or not blow into the tube at the right time and will be covered in whatever liquid you placed in the tube, that contestant is out!

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