Turkey Bowling: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Turkey bowling is awesome and a great event right before Thanksgiving! Who wouldn’t want to throw a frozen turkey? Easily can be set up in your youth room; and your teens can reset the pins.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Frozen Turkey. One small one and one heaver one
2. Two Liter Bottles (x10). if you can find bowling pins use those our just fill your two liter bottles with water.
3. Tarp & Duct Tape. Tape the tarp onto the floor and use the duct tape to mark off arrows and placement X marks for the bowling pins to be placed on.
4. Saran Wrap. When the turkey starts to thaw and needs to be covered



Fill up your Two Liters with water and place red tape around the side to make it appear more like a bowling pin.

Tape your tarp on the floor as a lane. If you want bumpers you could always place some 2×4’s on the sides of the lane.

Tape out marker spots on the tarp. I used a tarp with x’s in duct tape to mark placement of the pins and duct tape arrows for the lane.

One warning is to have Saran wrap on hand! When the turkey starts to thaw out, we wrap it with lots of Saran wrap.


Game Play:

This works just like bowling.

Get two rolls of either turkey you want. Try and get the highest score to win the round.

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