Twister Hoopla: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A great game that is twister with a different twist. Instead of playing on the floor you play vertical, using other people as the board.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Twister Hoopla Game. You can find these at Target, Walmart, or if your like me, you buy everything off of Amazon Prime, HERE is the link for that.

2. Spin That Wheel. This is an app that you can use for so many of our games here on fun ninja and is worth the investment. Get it HERE.



Using the spin board that you get in the box input all the different combinations into the spin it app. These are the ones that say arm to ear, or shin to shin. You can even be creative and put your own combination into the Spin That Wheel App!

Game Play:

You can use as many teams as you would like. Most of the time there are only two players on a team, but you can use three or four players per team to make things more complicated.

Get your teams together and scatter the hoops all over the floor.

Spin the wheel and alert the teams what they have do. For example if the spinner lands on shin to shin they must place a hoop in between each of their shins. It must stay there for the whole game. Spin it again to get another assignment.

If at any point a hoop falls and hits the floor that team is out. Each team must pick up a hoop, while keeping the hoops that they are holding up with their body. Groups end up having a few hoops in random places and it gets very difficult to pick up a hoop off the floor. It’s also super funny to watch them try.

Connect With Us:

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