VHS Dominoes: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This game is from Minute to Win It. 2 Teams of 2 race to set up VHS tapes like dominoes in a “U” shape on a table and try to be the first team to successfully have them all fall down in sequence – including the very last VHS dominoe which has to fall off of the edge of the table.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. A Bunch of VHS Tapes. Maybe your grandma has some that you could borrow, but if that’s not an option you can score VHS tapes really cheap at garage sales. I loaded up and bought them by the bag full. You’ll need about 14-16 per team.

2. Tables. The standard 6-foot long tables work perfectly for this game. You need two of them.


Not only will you need to get your hands on some VHS tapes, but you’ll need to mark the starting point and the “U turn” on the tables. I included a diagram to the right, but basically contestants need to place the first VHS tape on the starting line, and then they need to set them up going around the “U turn” mark, and then all the way back until the last tape falls off the opposite edge. Other than marking your tables, there really isn’t any set up.

Game Play:

All VHS tapes start stacked in the middle of the table. Once the game starts, players race to set up the tapes like dominoes in a “U” shape, or really it’s more like a “J”. Once the tapes are all set, one of the players needs to push over the first VHS tape that’s on the starting line in hopes that all the tapes fall over in sequence including the very last tape which needs to fall off the edge of the table. If every tape doesn’t fall, they need to hurry and set them back up to try again. The first team to get all of their tapes to fall including the last tape to fall off the edge wins!

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